On this page you will find all the answers to your questions about your online shopping experience on Boutique Mademoiselle.


Commande en ligne

  • I saw an item online and I can't find it on the site, what happened?

An article of which there is no longer a copy in inventory and which it is impossible for us to restock is removed from the site. It may happen that an ordered item is out of stock. Although rare, these are inventory errors. In this case, we will issue a full refund.

  • I haven't received my order, what's going on?

Before writing to our customer service, please confirm the following information provided to you:

    • Check if you did not select "Pick up in store" by mistake. If so, please contact customer service immediately.
    • Get to know our delivery policies
    • The processing of your online order takes between 24-48 business hours.
    • The delivery time depends on both the carrier and the type of delivery. Boutique Mademoiselle cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the carrier.
    • Please refer to the tracking number, available in the order confirmation email, for all the latest updates on the shipment of your package.
    • This tracking number belongs to the carrier and is subject to their most recent updates. Some carriers note delays in issuing electronic updates of up to 48 hours.
    • Always check your junk mail if you believe you have not received an order confirmation email.
    • Always check the most recent update of the carrier, if in doubt, please contact the customer service of the latter, who can answer you precisely on the status of your delivery.

For any other questions, you can contact the customer service.

  • Am I required to open a full account in the customer area to place an order online?

No! Creating an account in the customer area is not mandatory to place an order online. It is possible to order directly without having to register. However, by registering in the customer area, the customer's profile and contact details are stored securely in order to facilitate and speed up future orders, you also benefit from our loyalty program which accumulates purchase points. and which are transferable in all lots of great gifts (free shipping, cashback, etc.)

  • How can I modify or cancel my order?

That's right, just quickly contact customer service via email at advise@forevermlle.com or by phone at 1-819-850-0480 to let us know what changes to make. Please act quickly, because if the order has been sent, it will follow the same delivery and return policies as all merchandise. 

  • I have a promo code or a gift card number? Where do I enter my code to have the amount applied to my order?

It is possible to add the promo code or the gift card number when completing the online order. Once all the articles chosen in the basket, click on payment. In a section of the newly displayed page is a space labeled “gift card or promo code.” This is where the code should be entered. When this step is complete, click "apply" to see the amount or promotion applied to the order.

Take note : Only one promotional code can be applied at a time. For gift cards, it is possible to enter several codes one after the other.

  • Can my gift card be used on multiple transactions?

Yes quite! A gift card can be used on more than one order. The balance of a gift card can be checked using the link provided in the original gift card email. If the amount of the purchase exceeds the value of your gift card, you can pay the difference in the amount with another additional payment method.

  • How do I apply the 15% discount on my first order?

To benefit from the 15% discount on your first order, you must subscribe to our newsletter. On our website, you will see in the banner all the details to register. The promotional code is mentioned in your welcome email. Check your junk if you think you haven't received a welcome email. Once the promo code is in hand, when placing your order, you will see a "Promo Code / Gift Card" box, you must enter it there and click on "Apply". We cannot do this manually for you and the code is only valid once.


  • I'm really unsure which size to order, as I can't try on the garment, what can I do?

First, before starting an online shopping session, it is important to know your measurements well. It is important to do this exercise before you even start shopping to make sure you have the right sizes to choose.

Our approach is to accompany you in your purchase so that the experience of each Mademoiselle is most pleasant, reassuring and simple. Because each brand has its own origins and size standards, it is important to be able to consider them when choosing a garment. As we present clothing from different brands on our online store, we make sure to display the size guide for each brand in the product sheet. You will find under the "Add to cart" button, a tape measure that mentions "Size guide", click on it to access the brand's size guide.

In addition, when receiving the goods in the warehouse, our team of experts takes care to verify that the size seems exact according to the charter proposed by the brand in question. If necessary, we will identify in the garment sheet if its size is larger than normal or even smaller.

Still unsure? Do not hesitate to come and chat online with our advisors or to contact us by email at advise@forevermlle.com


  • What is the territory covered for the delivery of orders?

Only in Canada.

  • What are the delivery costs when I place an order online?

The fees are fixed at $9.99 for standard delivery, anywhere in Quebec. Free delivery is offered with any purchase of $100 or more, before taxes. For all other provinces of Canada, a fixed delivery charge of $15 is added to the final order. 

  • What is the delivery time for my order?

Orders are prepared and shipped within 1-2 business days of receipt. Delivery varies by carrier and delivery type. (Delays are to be expected with certain carriers due to abnormally high volumes of demand.) In-store pick-up is available and completely free. 

Cueillette en magasin

  • How it works?

When placing your order, you select "Pick up in store". When your order is processed, you will receive an email indicating that your order is ready to be picked up at the point of service. VS'is free! In-store pick-up is possible Monday through Friday. Holidays, evenings and weekends are excluded from the time slots. By contacting customer service, you can choose the time that suits you best. The service point is located at 200 rue Saint-Édouard, Drummondville (QC) J2B 0X1. You can ring the doorbell and someone will come to greet you.


  • What should I do if my ordered goods are not suitable?

Refer to our delivery and return policies for all the details.

  • One of the items in my order is defective, what should I do?

Although a meticulous inspection of each garment is carried out upon arrival at the store, it may happen that, despite everything, the garment is damaged upon arrival. If the item ordered is faulty, take a photo of the garment showing the fault and contact us via our customer service department at advise@forevermlle.com.

  • If I want to make a return, will I have to pay for the shipping costs of my return?

Yes, return shipping costs are at your expense.


D'autres Questions

Contact our customer service via online chat or by email at advise@forevermlle.com