About us


Think like a Mlle. Live like a Mlle. Be a Mlle.


Forever Mlle it's you, it's us. Women, moms, young professionals, business leaders, careerists, artists in which in each of us there is authenticity and singularity. Our mission is to make shine the UNIQUE Mademoiselle in you!

We meet your needs whether its spontaneous eccentricity or your daily needs. We believe in the principle of being in harmony with our body, embracing and assuming our shape. As simply as being proud to be a woman!

So, love the woman you are and add some frivolity and passion in your Mademoiselle's life!


Welcome to the world of Forever Mlle online shop and « Rendez-vous sur mesure».



Our founders

It all started with a friendship. One night, after putting our babies to sleep (three mini at 1, 2, and 3 years old !!!), we chose to combine our strengths and create Forever Mlle.

Mlle I is a brilliant business woman, passionate about fashion. For her, fashion is a way of expressing her personality.


Mlle M has a technical and critical eye for fashion. For her, fashion makes sense when, wearing a garment, the confidence and esteem of a woman is increased.


We have a deep desire to make a positive difference in the lives of women by sharing our passion for, and vision of, fashion.


Forever Mlle exists to respond to the reality of overwhelmed working women. It is for them, for you and for the future of all mini mademoiselles that Forever Mlle exists. Are these just cute words? No! Switch to mode “Forever Mlle” and you will see!